Ocean's Four

A short note home

Father you would not believe all that has past since we left, so many things have happened, the prime plane moves so fast

I miss you

I know you would say come back it’s not you Sariel and I wish so much just to hear your voice for a few hours. To talk of old times and tall stories.

Together we talked for days on end

And before you ask I am fine and Berian is just fine too, he’s doing very well for himself, even picking up some sword play!

You always said we’d never stray far from each other

We’ve had to ah, develop our skills you know, we are pursued, hunted, chased…Entirely worse then the scolding you gave us after eating all the ripe fruit in our little orchard

I long to lean more of the lessons you taught us

Doubtlessly the winters court is on our heels, it hasn’t really left us has it? Thought it is not us to blame though, but we have made a stand against the court. This time it was a mistake father, being outright!

When winter came you stood firm until the end, we shall as also

In a human place with wild elves we made a name for a time, you could say we’ve found a spring for a time, but it wasn’t long until autumn came, things were never right there

If only we had your insight father we could be more certain of the mortal plans

However we have good friends with us and solid, reliable folk. We’ve had such interesting times and plenty of action. With the latest onslaught of our winter wind we escaped though a teleportation field!

Through a strange chaotic feywild we all walked, on the way I heard your voice

It placed us in different places on the other side, we found each other but have no idea where now. I think our demon blooded friend is formulating a plan and our stalwart human is unfazed

Perhaps you are closer now, enchantments may pull us together

We will find a trail in these dark mountains Berry and I will bring our fey magic and perhaps, this next adventure will bring us home. I would like to see our home again, just for a time, our time.

And there, on your grave I would lie, and talk, and stay there, till moss grows over my skin

But then father, I’m sorry, I don’t think I could stay forever. Escapades and excitement are found so easily in the mortal and human lands. The next one starts in just a few moments I believe, the others have started packing, Zeon is sneaking a peek into the tent… be with you in a near future.

Sariel Te’astrain’phj’li


GoblynsHoard toxygenie

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