Domains: Death, Reflection and Revenge
Season: Winter
Month: January
Direction: North
Aspects: The Raven, The Walker, The Fickle Hand
Secondary Gods: Borea & Derth
Partner in the Heavens: Beya

Lord of the Winter Deities, Thanis reigns in deepest winter, ruling over Death, Reflection and Revenge. Thanis is the most steadfastly neutral, though out of apathy for morality rather than the desire for balance that characterises Alfaris. Thanis is rarely worshipped per se, but regularly revered whenever people die. As a result his worship is widespread but he has few regular worshippers. His worship is most often found amongst philosophical monks rather than religions that encourage worship by ‘lay folk’. The upshot is that those priests that do worship him lack political power, but often gain personal power quickly. This results in a preponderance of evil Priests of Thanis, despite the neutrality of the deity himself. Thanis’s relationship with Beya is erratic to say the least. Thanis is truly in love with Beya, but she often drives him from her with her petty vanity, leaving him to long periods of quiet reflection. And it is then that his Vengefulness comes out, with Beya most often the target. However he will also target other deities that cross him, often centuries after the fact, and he certainly has the longest memory of all the gods.

The Gods

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